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Mobile Energy Solutions

provides portable CNG and LNG to utilities, municipalities, pipeline operators, commercial and industrial companies.

where , when , how you need it

From individual residential homes to cities that depend on MES to keep operations running, to large industrial plants that need supplemental gas fast, we bring the energy to you. We are your on-demand Virtual Pipeline provider. 


We provide Mobile Natural Gas Pipeline Support in the following areas:


With both LNG and CNG options available, we’re able to distribute safe, reliable energy to large metropolitan areas as well as rural communities as an on-demand local distributor. No matter the size of your need, with our virtual pipeline, we’ve got you covered.


Our natural gas applications allow both large and small customers the ability to reliably maintain service during pigging, hydrostatic testing, and other operations requiring supply interruption. Our virtual pipeline solutions can maintain your operating pressure and gas demand and prevent unnecessary downtime.


Using LNG solutions with ambient or gas-fired vaporizers, we can provide turnkey energy for both manufacturing and industrial applications. For projects such as new residential development energy needs, our CNG virtual pipeline solutions are available within 48-72hours with a minimal footprint.


For our commercial applications, we’re able to provide energy to low, mid, or high-rise buildings, as well as retail or multi-use customers. These CNG and LNG fuel delivery services can be utilized in the event of natural disaster, utility maintenance, construction, or testing needs.


The ability to quickly deploy either CNG or LNG virtual pipeline solutions gives our industrial customers access to energy in the event of unforeseen emergencies, planned outages, routine maintenance, or startup and commissioning. We can supply these services when main energy options are unavailable or as part of an ongoing turnkey operation.

Going strong since 1997.

For more than two decades, Mobile Energy Solutions has been providing portable compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG) to America’s businesses anytime, anywhere.

When going down

is not an option.

We create solutions for challenges:

  • Pipeline integrity outages
  • Peak shaving
  • Temporary supply for a variety of situations
  • Planned Pipeline maintenance and construction delays
  • Emergency response
  • Portable asphalt operations
  • Portable incineration operations
  • Planned pipeline maintenance and construction outages
  • Start-up and commissioning of equipment and facilities
  • Flaring, greenhouse gas inventory and control

Gas outages happen.

And interrupted gas service can dramatically impact business productivity. That’s why we are a fast, affordable, and safe alternative to pipeline natural gas so your production doesn’t slip. That's the virtual pipeline difference delivered!

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